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The Culture of Coffee

I love coffee; I love the culture of coffee more!

It’s interesting because growing up in South Florida I only knew the Cuban coffee culture. Little street windows where you crowd up with others trying to catch the window ladies attention so you can place your quick order.

Your order sounds nothing like anything any other coffee lovers would know of. They’re Hispanic orders of coffee; espresso. Spanish.

Like what, you ask?

FrothinRedMaker“Un Cortadito” = an espresso sized version of “Cafe con Leche” -kinda like a Latte.

“Cafe Con Leche” = A stronger more condensed version of your usual coffee shop Latte. Usually brands of espresso such as Pilon or Bustelo are used.

Then theres the ever universal “un Espresso” with a Hispanic twist.


small silver cup you mix sugar and espresso in…yum

It’s a shot of strong Cuban Espresso but as the crema pours into the small silver cup, sugar is added and mixed to create a thick sweet creamy espresso “foam”.

Thats really all I knew of coffee until my adolescent years when my “cousin” introduced me to a certain popular coffee chain. I bought into every first timers choice…a blended frozen coffee with caramel syrup, whipped cream and lots of caramel drizzled on top…

At that time I felt that was a trendy grown up choice.

I was 13 years old.

The fact that it had coffee in it was no stranger to me due to the years of coffee I already had consumed since an earlier age. Its the Hispanic way. You’re sipping coffee through your bottle at an early age.

Well as the years passed I grew up in my drink choices; years later I actually worked at a coffee joint-the well known one. I loved writing and when laptops and blogs stepped into the scene, I began to grow in appreciation for the atmosphere of a coffee shop.

Eventually, life found me leaving the city I grew up in, knowing nothing else and Eureka! I fell in love!

Let us set the scene shall we?

The stage is black, the curtains raised. A warm light cues in from a brick fireplace. The lights go up and viola! The most cozy, warm, wonder-filled, artistic encouraged place of your dreams…ok, well my dreams.

I hadnt been that wonderstruck since Disney World!

It was in an authentic Coffee House, Cafe, Coffee Shop; what you will.

All I ever knew were these Hispanic joints and the occasional Starbucks that is very much commercialized and modernly decorated to suite this city life here.

I recalled a few times perhaps seeing such things in movies & television but never dreamed they were real & even better; in certain cities, there were many of them.

Yes, Im being melodramatic but hey; its what was going on inside. Just trying to give ya’ll a well visualization here.

As I began to explore & experience this new culture, it dawned on me that it was in fact thata culture.

You had the coffee connoisseurs who could smell the beans & know from what country they were grown or the ones who could sip plain black brewed coffee as if it were a wine tasting & describe all the notes to it, such as earthy, smokey, nutty, ect.

I was also introduced to those early risers who own their own coffee grinder and french press. Before working up north at a coffee shop, these terms & items were completely foreign to me.

I was fascinated with coffee. I loved coffee. I had a different palette than those connoisseurs which my Hispanic taste buds & Cuban coffee culture are to blame but all the same, I “needed” it in my life…daily!

So theres the “love” of coffee but after sitting & lounging in several coffee shops, coming back to South Florida created a coffee bean shaped whole in my lil’ “corazon”. Where were my warm, brick & wood, nook filled cozy plush couch coffeehouses?

NO WHERE! No where to be found.

I missed sitting at a coffee shop with a book in hand, my ” for here” mug filled with yummy rich coffee dressed on top with some skillful latte art. I missed coming in from the cold of a beautifully rustic Fall day to sit in a nook with my laptop because inspiration to write was flooding my mind. I had a love affair with the culture of coffee.

Some may think Im such a snob right now or that I’m so “hipster”. Trust me, if you saw me or knew me, Im neither. Im just a girl who loves coffee…and the culture of coffee more!

In recent development, our city has gained one authentic northern looking coffee shop. One is something at least. For years now I have thought, “If only I had lots of money & an awesome business minded investor & partner, I would definitely open up my own coffeehouse”.

Till then, I continue to search the city for more & share this love with others.

It truly is the little things in life…

Well, I take my happy sigh & bid you all good night.

Till the next random thought

::takes a bow. Walks off…stage left…


wrong side….stage right…curtsies center stage, nervous laughter, walks off::


Back to Normal…

Today’s one of those days. After many events in your life have occurred and left you slumped down against a wall with some dirt on your face,  you’re exhausted.

It was a battle. In the end, you won! But after a war, theres blood and things look …well a mess. It’s absorbing the truth of your victory while looking at the mess the war left behind and being left with mixed feelings at first. Then you are told and know you must…well, get back to normal.

Normal…well what does normal look like now? Is Normal now not what Normal then used to be. Is it that it is not or simply that it cant be. Things have been altered. Events have changed. People have changed. I have changed. So now what? What does getting back to “normal” look like?

Something that unraveled in a matter of days and days later it was over, my goodness left such an aftermath to deal with. Maintenance of this new reality thats the new normal requires work. But Im exhausted. I just want to check-out for days and then deal with this new reality…can I?

Nope…cause reality awaits. I mean if I was really emotionally unstable and out of it, I could irrationally run away somewhere right now; but then what? This new found reality that needs work still awaits me when I return. So really…deal with it now and get the “start” over with so it can quickly become the new norm or delay it?

Remember that Gweneth Paltrow and Ben Afflick movie “Sliding Doors”?

Events of life that could change everything. All it took were seconds, one minute or two and it changed possibly a whole course of events that changed completely someones life…Interesting huh?

So waiting or facing it now…it feels kinda like that. If I delay, would it really benefit? What would my tomorrows look like if I would run away and become an ostrich who sticks its head in the sand in fear…

Is it in fear or do they really just like the dark suffocating aspect of their heads in a hole…does it get uncomfortable for their necks? Anyway…I digress.


Here I am choosing to plug my ears with tunes and blog for the world wide web to have fun as they read my personal thoughts. Only slightly more than surface deep cause truthfully, its not wise to share deep dark secrets and emotions with not just strangers but…well…the internet; more than strangers.
I have a good friend; we’ve known each other for a long time now. We were chatting today about the benefits of journal-ing (why is that not a word lol). Anyway, everyone needs to journal.  I dont believe thats a male or female thing or even a personality type thing. The “pensive” or “artsy”…everyone has emotions they are or are not good at expressing. The deep stuff that only few in your life could truly get, embrace and direct through.
Okay, funny random observation through a guilty pleasure. Oh boy cant believe Im about to admit this publicly. (Im big on per-qualifiers before getting to my point) Some of you may laugh after I say this thinking, “that was it?”Anyway no more dragging out, my point…

So I was watching…”The Bachelorette”. Do not ask me why but I just become fascinated watching these people who truly believe they could find “love” on this type of setting. Exceptions “maybe” but definitely not the rule. Over 20 attempts of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and maybe, Maybe! only 3 successful couples?

So I definitely dont watch it to be a “romantic” who loves good sap, cause well…I am who…uh does. I like watching it cause I have always just had a knack for watching relational dynamics between men and women and reading into situations and people in those situations well. I feel like these shows have been fun side research. ::chuckle in public at coffee shop::

So my point…I was watching the finale of one season and apparently the current “Bachelorette” encouraged one of her “guys” to keep a journal through out their process. In the end he wasnt chosen. He was runner up and at the confrontation the journal was mentioned. At that moment I thought, “Huh! Yes…that was genius and I wouldnt have pegged him as the journal writing type. Now I dont believe he did either till she encouraged him and apparently he went to town those 8 weeks writing away every experience and emotion.

I believe everyone hides a certain part of themselves that NO ONE sees. Even when married I believe there might still be a small 5% held back (granted Im speaking of a good, healthy marriage for those of you who scoffed).

There’s parts of ourselves we keep inside. Even talkative people who wear their heart on their sleeves hold aspects of their feelings no one else sees. Even for me, I have a good growing relationship with God and my deep emotions I only trust to Him. I know He will listen and love me so I can be open with Him.

Even still with that, journaling has saved me so many times. For me, I know it’s also due to the fact that I express myself better through writing than verbally. (emotionally not meaning literary wise)

Its always interesting going back a year or 2, 3 or 10 re-reading journals from the past and seeing myself then, in those shoes and reading what I felt. Its great for perspective and motivation for further visioning. So all that to say…I encourage for all to keep current journals.

Why did I start this rant? ….one moment…scrolling up….O right…well I think I made my point. So…moving on!
Back to Normal…

What does that look like? How does one regroup? Well for me…this blog/journal entry helped get some random thoughts out. I feel like I can take a breath and exhale now.

To conclude…this past week kinda sucked but the light I have most definitely seen at the end of the tunnel. The war was won on our side and now is just the cleaning up and maintenance of the win. I will face it now and take steps forward. It is the best decision as I journal about it through the journey.
What ever you are going through momentarily, journal about it. Get the emotions out. Then…tell someone you trust can care for your emotions well. Have someone who can help you see the bigger picture that sometimes we ourselves can not see when we’re in it.

Thats my advice today. Till the next one readers…


All Things Jane Austen, My New Hobby

Writing Letters-Regency Style and Book by & on Dear o’ Jane

It has been quite some time since I truly last wrote an entry to this publicly viewed eruption of my random thoughts and after reading some other entries from other people, I felt inspired to write on my new hobby: All things Jane…Jane Austen that is.

I have always had a love for the era’s of Elizabethan, Georgian, Regency, Victorian…but more and more I love that of the Regency era, fashion, and woman. I love the more understated era of the simple but strong woman like those in most of Jane’s books.

Since I was little, I have wanted the simple but still touch of elegance in dresses, manners, the dances, the language, the courtship, the love. I hoped growing up that there would be somewhere a city that would dress in that era, and run the town in that period just so I could visit and dress up, maybe secretly thinking, I’ll meet some dashing young man…O the naivety of young minds.

I have loved buying my Calligraphy pens, parchment paper, nibs and ink to write letters, diary entries, anything I could think of just as an excuse to use them and write!

Just recently I picked up my writing again and have written a few friends, sealed with wax and the works. I remember my best friend was stunned that the Post Man delivered the letter without an envelope. She had researched how they folded letters in Regency era and sealed them.

Books…O how I LOVE buying books…now if only I loved reading books as much as I love buying them!

Recently I’ve been adding different versions of Jane Austen’s novels. I also bought some of the BBC adaptations of her novels. What has become my absolute favorite story but mainly due to the 2007 BBC version is “Persuasion”. I absolutely love Miss Anne Elliot and Captain Fredrick Wentworth’s story! Before one of my favorites 2 years ago was “Mansfield Park” but recently in the past year, the more and more I explore the story “Persuasion”, the more and more I fall in love with it.

 Watching Anne write away in her journal teases me into writing with an inked pen in my own journal but I think of me writing multiple pages and needing to wait for the ink to dry before I move on to the next. How did they do it back then? Writing away in a fury and not being able to turn the page in your journal or for a story due to the wet ink. What if you needed to hide your journal in a hurry due to an unexpected visitor who just invited themselves into your quarters?

Random thoughts that pass my mind when I watch them live their day to day.

That’s where it has gone now, beyond the surface of the stories and further into the realistic nature of that period, the way they lived. The everyday inconveniences of their time and yet the gentile nature and character and manners of those days that I wish we stayed integral to.

The men…yes, they still had their share of scoundrels back then as well but finding a good, well mannered, loyal, genuine man of valor who actually cherished women and treated them each as they should, was far easier then than it is now. There were far more of those then, than there are now. Now it’s the exception when back then it was the rule.

Jane Austen was surrounded by the ridiculous stress of society and a woman’s duty to sit and wait for things to happen, while men lived adventures and chose when they wanted to make a woman stop waiting. Granted there are still many other factors to why I am grateful to have been born in this era but truly wish there were certain aspects untainted from those eras that could have been translated to our day and time.

Since those hopes are not realistic, I as well as many others turn to books. Many specifically Jane Austen books. A momentary escape to a world more appealing than our own. A time more enchanting even if just a story.

I love old books. Old, hard cover books with that vintage feel to them. I’d love to build a full built-in wall bookshelf and stack them with books and vintage, artistic decor.

::happy sigh:: One day…

Some books other than Jane Austen novels I’ve been reading lately are:

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen” by Syrie James


“I was Jane Austen’s best friend” by Cora Harrison

“I was Jane Austen’s best friend” has become one of my favorite books. I fell in love with Jane Austen’s cousin “Jenny Cooper” and the journey she takes during her stay at the Austen’s. Her and Jane are very young still. Jane’s 15 and Jenny is 17. I highly recommend it to any Jane Austen fan who wants to read a sweet charming story with the familiarity of loving characters we know well; Jane Austen spunky at 15, Cassandra, their brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Austen and even a Lefroy or two.

I am still in the beginning of “The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen” but hope it to be of great delight. It journeys through a possible great love, greater than Tom Lefroy. The “what if’s” for Jane. After all of all people, we all wished Jane could have experienced a great love. This book may be the closest thing to it. I will update when I can!

Well, done rambling about Jane Austen and such. I will leave you with this.

For all you Janeites, enjoy and happy reading 🙂

Music, ch-ch-changes & all that Jazz!

As most can see, it has been quite some time since I’ve blogged personally here. I have abandoned you O blog and have been occupied  with my job Blog ( where I have been blogging about my daily encounters and ponders while there in the prayer room.

That right there has been one of the big ch-ch-ch-changes in my life lately in the past few months.

I have abandoned this poor blog due to my career change, if you would call it that.

It’s crazy cause everything in me wanted to FLEE from my hometown. I was dreading the fast that “fate” had brought me back here; and for what!? I couldnt understand why I was back and what in the world I was going to do here.

Many may not understand this but I will share anyhow. All it took was 20 minutes sitting before the presence of the King (this awesome Man names Jesus) fully vulnerable and I knew what I had to do. I knew what I had to focus my time, affections and heart towards. All these months struggling desiring so desperately for direction, some sort of insight on what was next in my life.

First the first time in a while (perhaps almost 4 years -knew I was suppose to be in Kansas City without a shadow of a doubt) I finally knew with all confidence no matter what anyone said, I knew what I was suppose to do and what I was suppose to give myself to for however long, I’d stay in my hometown.

I kept trying to make things happen, figure it all out myself on my own. I wanted my dreams to happen now with my time clock and my way cause I didn’t trust He (My God) was doing it and doing it better than I ever could.)

Long story short, I joined the House of Prayer here and have been in the transition process ever since. Things have definitely had their ebb and flow moments here but I know all I can do is be faithful with the little and all else will fall into place.

While that craziness was going on something else kinda snuck up and bit me in the …leg…

What was once again a drifting dream just one day being joked about bloomed into a speedy reality! My bestfriend had a thought that perhaps we could work on making music together. I was busy with my new full time commitment I was not looking to over stuffing my plate. A month later a drummer boy lets say opened his mouth and between the two of them they began to seriously discuss our futures.

Next thing you know… A band was formed and music juices started flowing…and by His grace flowing fast!

Three people passionate about music lost our minds and decided, “what the hay, let’s do this!” My bestfriend’s idea was birthed and now, we are Mo[u]rning Comes! ( & )

We’ve been in the music making/writing process and it’s been pretty awesome. We just had this weekend our first practice and my heart was overwhelmed with the reality that we were doing this and by golly it might just happen this time!

So that in short believe it or not is my update. I hope we’ll have stuff to show you all soon in regards to the band!

Thanks for all your reads, you guys rock! I know my posts are so random and not cohesive in themes but hey! I hear variety is good for the soul…I mean…I’m sure someone out there has said something along those lines! ::wink::

In the spirit of this blog, a tip!

Tip # 271

with things like FACEBOOK and “mutual friends” -guys and gals-Dont try and lie that you werent somewhere. Just comes clean, you’re gonna get caught thanks to Cousin Edith’s picture album on facebook!

Cheese and Crackers-I’m out!

LIFE … cope with the unexpected

Let’s Get Personal

Normally, I am pretty general about blog topics and keep things less “personal” but I have a lot on my mind and to write is healing for me.

I will try and not bore ya’ll too much and incorporate many pretty, interesting or at least relevant PICTURES! yay!

Life… What a vast topic. Each life it’s own with it’s own experiences (never two the same) and all it’s intricate dynamics. How to cope with the unexpected. Sudden unexpected? No… this is more about LIFE not turning out so far as you thought, hoped, dreamed it to be.

<~~~~ LOOK at this poor fella’. I know him, cause I WAS him. Straight out of High School I attempted the 9-5 for 5 years. It was a necessity. But my heart’s goal to be involved somehow in the Arts (performing) never ceased. It was always there and strong.

From the moment I stepped into a Theater and on stage I realized that not only I could do this, but that I LOVED it, it was over! I had to be in this world of Music, Theater, Film, Dance and all!

Throughout the years I dabbled in all of them.

When my 5 years were up and realized how miserable I was, I left to make a change!

I auditioned and searched for all sorts of opportunities.

I attempted to study theater twice.

I enrolled in Film School.

Here’s a funny one. My best friend and I were convinced we were gonna be Rock Stars. (wow, there must be a pattern, cause now that I think of it, my high school best friend and I thought we’d be a Pop Duo. We auditioned for labels and all ::chuckles to self::)

Seriously though, we were serious. We both always wrote songs but none of us knew how to play any instruments. Sadly in Miami it’s not common to find young people who take the time to learn instruments. Here it’s all about having a “rap” career. I wont even attempt to get into that.

So we thought “LETS LEARN INSTRUMENTS” ::sighs:: Aww, how cute and NAIVE were we? She wanted to be a Drummer and I a guitarist. Hey! We were trying to be committed. I bought my first guitar and goodies (she was a Yamaha kit you buy at Guitar Center; her name was Betty) and she was given a Drum Set!

Now if only we could have found teachers to teach us how to play them, we might have been on to something more substantial than just a Band Name! (which I will not reveal!)

MUSIC has always been a HUGE passion in my heart and life. O but fear. That tricky, sneaky toxic thing. Fear of sucking. Fear that brings those insecurities that you’re not good enough. Fear holds people back. Fear is meant to trip you especially while you’re skipping in that pretty little meadow.

So what happened? How at 26, is life looking NOTHING like I thought it would by now?

Anyone out there feeling this? Its crazy how bright eyed and hopeful you are when you’re younger, in High School.

Then the real world happens. Graduation, bills, thinking of the future provision for your Life. Next thing you know, years have past and you’re only living to live each day.

I have been RIDON-CULOUSLY blessed to have a Mother who has bent over backwards to support my whims, my dreams, my struggles. She’s always been there as a single mother of two (I have an older brother who got into a car accident when he was 13 and she needs to help support him) always been there finding ways no matter what to support this small family of ours.

All the money in the world, couldn’t repay what she’s done time and time again for me. (physically, financially, and emotionally) I love her- and hope for the day when she no longer has to struggle and may relax, enjoy life more.

(pause:: Wow. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was getting personal. Practically writing a book here…with pictures! like a comic book…but not…anyway, back to the story) ::wink::

It really sucks having so many passions. Makes it so much harder to choose which one to focus on.

And I will admit, I’m not HA-mazing at any one particular. I’m averagely good at all of them. Quick to pick up things. So even more so, there’s no obvious choice here either.

I spent three years in Kansas City, MO finding perspective.

I found it. It changed my life for the better. But here’s the funny thing about finding perspective…once you’ve found the great “EUREKA” the next step is Living, Walking out perspective on our day to day life…

::cricket cricket:: Yea…totally easier said than done! So now I have returned home and thought, “Now What?”

Nothing has really turned out the way I expected. How to cope with “What’s Next?”

It dawned on me, “hey, I like hair and makeup. I’ve always played around and dabbled here and there. Instead of getting a back up degree; fall back plan in Business (snore!) go to Cosmetology school!”

The plan seemed genius. So now, I’m in a Paul Mitchell school, which is awesome… (I know I know, you feel a “but” coming on)

wait for it… Fear

I’m scared that I’ll have to be amazing in hair cause this may be what I’m stuck doing and I’ll never make music, act, write, direct, ect…

I started facing the possibility that my fall back plan was my “IT” plan and I wonder – How do I cope with that BIG unexpected?

I reminisced the other day and opened my high school year book. One year I was in a few pages cause I was in the Thespian Society (Drama Club) and I had a quote with my picture on one page. It took my breathe. I didn’t remember till that moment that I did say what I said for that interview. My heart almost wanted to cry cause I was so sure back then.

H.S. quote:

“Everything I want to do in the future has to do with drama, and I want experience in the field. Also, when I first started drama, it changed my perspective on life.”

hmm…Perspective… So… LIFE – how to cope with the unexpected?

To be honest, I’m still figuring that out for myself. Some days, I’m in control and blending with life. Other days, I get my internal break downs. (Hey I’m Artistic, I can afford to be more “life ending” dramatic ::smirk::)

Zion (my current Martin Guitar someone anonymously gave me) and I are trying to persevere, self teaching and documenting.

Yes, I know I am still young. One day though when I’m ready to settle down, it would have been nice to have experienced certain things already.

So, there it is. I have shared WAY too much with the strangers out in WiFi land but like I said, writing is healing for me. I am TERRIBLE at verbally expressing myself but in writing…sheer perfection. The emotional outlet not the writing; I know the writing’s not perfect!

Well thank you for bearing if you did. As they all say, Persevere, never give up hoping, dreaming. Dream big even… LIFE is unexpected, we can’t change that; even the craziest of  control freaks can’t change that.

It is our choice whether or not we’ll take the unexpected and let it break us or change our perspective and view it as an adventure. So kick fear in the rear! (::giggles:: I didn’t rhyme on purpose; and yes I know I’m cheesy) and Dont Give up!

“You’re all beautiful and I’m here all week! Thank You New York! and GOODNIGHT!”

tip# 764 on a stage performance, make sure your duet partner didn’t eat corn nuts before your kissing scene! yuck!

Hugs! 😉

A’las! A Coffee Shop in MIAMI!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Hear the “Hallelujah’s” the DAY! the TIME is here!

Through the courtesy of a dear friend, the search is over! I have seen with my eyes, tasted with my mouth (well, tongue technically, can’t test with my mouth but you know-) ::clears throat::

Miami, Florida has lost that sinking hopeless feeling in the pit of one’s stomach that acknowledges the sad state of something missing inside.

Ok, Ok my dramatics have gotten the best of me, I apologize but I refused to just announce something this HUGE without a more appropriate introduction.

My friend FunwithTwiggs (twitter name) saw this place and wasn’t sure at first whether or not to have hope since in the past we ourselves have witnessed locations that appeared to be authentic spots like a Bubble Tea cafe and just turned out to be a Hispanic hole in the wall with absolutely no essence of a tea cafe atmosphere. (Now I am Hispanic so no insult intended, I just know what I’m talking about here, Miami is it’s own Hispanic country separate from the United States of America)

It was a gorgeous cool Sunday afternoon and we were on our way to meet with an old friend who I love dear. We chose to experience this place all together for the first time.

As we’re driving up, we notice it’s in a more undeveloped plaza so we hoped it was opened and NOT a typical Miami spot.


EUREKA! From outside looking in through the windows I became a 5 year old at a candy store jumping up and down inside and soon on the outside too. It was as though I walked in another state up north in a quaint town.

The atmosphere was perfect, the colors, the chairs, and couches. There was a nook with a vintage couch and bookshelf with old books people bring in and donate. In the back was a man playing live acoustic guitaras he does every Sunday we were told. The people were friendly and attentive and I could not be more happier and in love with the place.

the gentlemen who comes every Sunday and plays

pics don't do it justice but the color scheme is beautiful and warm

back there is the nook! I'll be there A LOT!

It’s perfect cause after school I’ll parade to the gym and end my evenings here with my laptop, studies and writing. It’s wonderful cause it’s a small light in the tunnel. Many may think I’m crazy to find such satisfaction in a place such as a coffee shop but what you all must understand is that when I was in Kansas City, coffee shops were my refuge. They were my escape. The place I could be at peace to myself or even relaxed with a friend, write and feel inspiration, concentrate when it came to any and all types of studies. I truly if I had the means, would open up a coffee shop and have all the artistic amenities for it.

So here I am in Miami still. Life’s plan finds me here longer than I had anticipated; story of my life. I choose to try and make the best of it and look forward and not feel as if time is ticking by; or should I say life. I choose to believe there is a bigger reason on why I’m still here. I have chosen to go to school at a Paul Mitchell partner school because getting a degree in business as a back up plan is NOT my cup of tea, or coffee. I will find my way back to film and media! The performing arts resonates deep in veins and I am NOT giving up on finding the door that will lead me there. The path is obviously different than I had drawn out for myself but I should be well aware by now that whatever it is He (God) has planned NEVER turns out to be what you had planned or at least not HOW you had it all planned out.

For now, the small joy I find in having an authentic coffee shop available here in Miami, is a small light that brightens my room…

“Let’s step into this journey… up ahead”

Tip #543 If you wouldn’t do it in person, then don’t do it online. (Disney Channel)  😉

Got The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

I have been wanting to read this book since it was announced to come out Summer of 09. Then I found out Miley Cyrus was playing the lead role of the adapted screenplay coming out April 2010. So I actually stumbled across the trailer for the movie. I didn’t even know they had one out yet. I will be honest, I am a little worried Miley can not pull off this role. There is a difference between TV acting and Film acting. My friend Vane and I are skeptical and sad at that because the story seems well written; I mean it’s Nicholas Sparks-amazing writer/novelist.

Either way, I am about to embark on this journey already in mind what I have seen on the trailer for comparison. I do hope she does well cause I could see myself truly loving this book and film. I hope the writer of the screenplay did it justice and that producers who chose Miley made a right choice.

I love Nicholas Sparks. I just wish he would more often than not keep things PG ish. I hate to rip out pages of work that I don’t feel comfortable or that its appropriate to be reading but other than that, I have sadly never been much of a reader. Have always wanted to be but it just wasn’t a natural forte of mine. Nicholas Sparks was on of the only authors that could get me to read a book in a day or two. His writing style is appealing and captivates, truly takes you to the moments written.


I remember reading The Notebook. It was this cover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

My friend Vane took me to the library and she spotted it and said “hmm, this looks like a good book”. After we got it she knew this would make a good movie.

That was 5 years before the movie was announced to be released in theaters. That was my first Nicholas Sparks novel. I read that sucker in 2 days. I love the story. When I saw the movie, every character (no lie) was EXACTLY how I pictured them. To the “T”!

Lon, Noah, Allie… exactly! That goes to show the kind of author Nicholas Sparks is.

So in “short”, I am very excited to read this book. Now if only I had a coffeehouse here in Florida to go to and read it! =(

Dont eat yellow snow and have a god night! 😉