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Let’s not get Political-Let’s get Real

Let me just jump right into it:

Honestly, I hate politics and I prefer not to get into the discussion of it with others. It constantly creates more prideful debates than benefiting healthy discussion of opinions and conversation.

And I can say this from not just witnessing it from others, but being guilty of it myself. Why? Because we’re passionate about what we each believe and want to defend it till the end and gain believers of the same ideals. Like I said, let’s get real.

For months, I’ve had these ideas weighing on my heart but had no language to bring those opinions to life. This always happens to me, I feel strongly about something but do not have the words to express them, then out of the blue one night (cause it’s always at night) I get this burst of epiphany that causes me to run to my Notepad on my phone cause if not, the words that suddenly are flooding in cohesively will quickly disappear, nowhere to be found.

So here’s what I was thinking…

Yes, it’s a ridiculous notion to think we should take gun rights away from homeowners now after all these decades of allowing it (it’s too late to “right” that wrong) but here’s the bigger reality…we don’t benefit from having them either.


Yes people kill people (gun or no gun) but too many accidental deaths of and by children who find the at-home gun are too often as well;  just one example. (you can google: “risks and benefits of a gun at home) To accept and demand one evil to prevent or avoid another still comes with heavy consequences.

We want our yin with yang, but are we truly responsible enough as emotional, broken, unwise, temper tantrum, curious minded human beings of all ages to handle such things as life or death in our own, or by our own hand?

In the end with or without them we actually dont win either way. gun control government control

It all can not be pinned on the conspiracy issues either, such as “our nation is against us and one day we’ll need to defend ourselves from it”. I wont address this or my opinion possibly right now cause it is not my focus here. This leans towards “politics” talk which I don’t want right now.

Yes, people hurt/kill people and just like people will get high, why not just legalize drugs? To make things like these more easily accessible creates no boundaries or development of understanding consequence. From the recent decades it seems we want what we want, when we want and to hell with all those stupid rules that are telling us how to live. Let us not bother teaching that fire burns. If we want to play with fire then let us be “free” and play with it. It’ll burn and maybe we’ll learn our lesson and maybe not. Now with this mentality, all it can take is just one time playing with this fire (in case you were wondering, this is a metaphor) and accidentally burning down a house. The fire starter is alive and well enough but 3 innocents died in this fire. Three innocents who had nothing to do with this fire. These scenarios in all different forms happen everyday.

How far will our selfish demands go? Will it be till we destroy every ounce of humanity, responsibility, moral sound judgement, decency, beauty in this life?

Here’s the thing, its not about taking sides because this issue for example is not as black and white as we have made it. Since it is not that black and white, this is why the issue is much more than our Americanized politics, hence politics will not solve this issue, it can not solve this issue. This is a human issue. An issue of the mind, heart and soul. Our political system is also very black and white minded. (Deep man commercial voice) Democrat, Republican where do you stand?! (Uncle Sam pointer pose). If life and the foundation of our human living were that black and white, your Bible, Quran, Torah or whichever other document your beliefs stand on would only be maybe 5 pages…not hundreds. And with all that, we still dont get it, arent “doing it right” or understand it or know how to live it.

Someone may break into your home to shot you, so you feel the need to have a gun on hand with easy enough access just incase. This is one of the main reasons people are arguing the need to have a gun…a handgun not even a long gun for the excuse of hunting. We may die in many other unjust ways where someone else shots us. It may be a drive by where you’re not prepared to have a gun at hand and defend yourself.

Thinking of a home break in though one must think; are you really prepared to point a gun at a human being and take their life?

Many just said yes without hesitation. Some are thinking of all the legit reasons why; for example a man is thinking of standing there and defending his wife, a mother standing there and defending her children, “hell yeah!” some are thinking. I definitely get that, but do the few random possibilities of this scenario outweigh the daily risks of giving so many human beings who arent even responsible enough these days to have safe sex, or not drink then drive the effortless power of life and death?

Now there are some who are without a hesitation or a blink about shooting another human being and honestly those are the people who scare me, granted that’s just me.

Just an example of the emotional, broken, unwise, temper tantrum, curious minded human beings of all ages Im worried about not responsible enough to posses guns...

Just an example of the emotional, broken, unwise, temper tantrum, curious minded human beings of all ages Im worried about not responsible enough to posses guns…(the word there is Muslems sadly)

I just look around and see a decaying world that I debate whether I’d see myself wanting to raise children in the future tomorrow. I see issues of liberty at play and the stances that are pulling a society, a country more apart than together and all Im saying is, we may need to stop and think more…take more responsibility and recognize that the issue is bigger at hand and the solution does not have a black and white answer, so let’s not rip each others throats about it.

In the end, as I said in the beginning; the idea that removing “all” rights to possess a gun NOW after decades of nationwide access to guns even at a Wal-Mart or Sports Authority where your child can buy sneakers is ridiculous. The damage has been done and guns are out there, everywhere. Now every Tom, Dick and Harriet wants a gun and is going out to get as many as they can due to this current affair…(cue in the sarcasm) lovely.

Giving us guns, not giving us guns…either does not solve anything…there’s no win with either choice now.

The issue is much greater…it’s not a political issue, it’s a human issue.

Just some food for thought that I couldnt get out of my head. Thanks for reading.