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The Ever so “Wise” Wisdom Tooth Strikes Again


I am not one for vulgar language…but please excuse me…

Why the Blepeepeksfsf  qjsfjasdfaf@ isfs/gdzngkldgeGt5rjergidsjvlckn a!!!???

::composes self…takes a breath…returns to the audience::


So, I just reblogged a post from almost two years ago i believe, about Wisdom Teeth. Oh the “lovely” critters. Again, why do we need “wisdom teeth” if they only ever need to be extracted from existence?!! And WHY are they called “Wisdom” teeth. Nothing “Wise” about them!

istock_000015129249smallLOOK AT HER! That is a LIE! Dentist appointments are NEVER that calm, clean and pleasant looking!


Forgive me, I am extremely bummed 0ut that I have found myself in this situation…again!

I know I know, I was warned this would happen. I was encouraged t0 remove all 4 of them at once. But have you seen some of the poor souls who have down this monstrosity?!

I have heard the eye witness stories! I have heard those poor souls stories, none which provoke me to ever think taking out all four is EVER a “good” idea! Just saying.

Anyway, I went to a new dentist and he was nice but a bit on the patronizing side, as if he was speaking calmly to a raging lion with its crazy eyes looking at him, and he stands there with a smile warning you that onlywith cooperation will he work with you.

My Mom fell for his act and thought he was such a dear…me? Oh no…I dont get played for a fool that easily! No siree.

I have my doubts but in the end my sentence is: 10 days and I will have an extraction procedure. This time we’re doing laughing gas which he clearly made note that he has never needed it before BUT if I must and truly think I’ll need it, then fine, he will accommodate.

Do we not hear “TONE” here?

I dont give a DANG that you think I’m naive and ridiculous! I am the one who goes home in torture and pain, NOT YOU! I will cry, pout and kick you if I want to.

Why? Cause to me, you look like THIS!


Yes, I know, a bit dramatic. In my mind, the dramatic is only an outward expression that lets the outsider in, giving them a glance at my most deep dark feelings, or not dark, they’re not always dark. Who needs to ask, I will most likely tell you everything you need to know…read between the dramatics… ::smile cue in sparkly sound::

So, just sharing for sharing sakes…this is my week in news. Cause my current events life is “sooooo” fascinating, clearly I couldnt leave out all you lovely people…all 4 of you…cause the other 90 went straight to my Keratin review…seems to be the money maker on this blog. ha!

Till then, I will swish swish medicated gargle in my mouth waiting for stupid infection to die and then the wonderful procedure of pulling teeth can take place in t-minus 9 days now.

May the odds be ever in our “teeth losers” favor…

Good morrow!