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A’las! A Coffee Shop in MIAMI!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Hear the “Hallelujah’s” the DAY! the TIME is here!

Through the courtesy of a dear friend, the search is over! I have seen with my eyes, tasted with my mouth (well, tongue technically, can’t test with my mouth but you know-) ::clears throat::

Miami, Florida has lost that sinking hopeless feeling in the pit of one’s stomach that acknowledges the sad state of something missing inside.

Ok, Ok my dramatics have gotten the best of me, I apologize but I refused to just announce something this HUGE without a more appropriate introduction.

My friend FunwithTwiggs (twitter name) saw this place and wasn’t sure at first whether or not to have hope since in the past we ourselves have witnessed locations that appeared to be authentic spots like a Bubble Tea cafe and just turned out to be a Hispanic hole in the wall with absolutely no essence of a tea cafe atmosphere. (Now I am Hispanic so no insult intended, I just know what I’m talking about here, Miami is it’s own Hispanic country separate from the United States of America)

It was a gorgeous cool Sunday afternoon and we were on our way to meet with an old friend who I love dear. We chose to experience this place all together for the first time.

As we’re driving up, we notice it’s in a more undeveloped plaza so we hoped it was opened and NOT a typical Miami spot.


EUREKA! From outside looking in through the windows I became a 5 year old at a candy store jumping up and down inside and soon on the outside too. It was as though I walked in another state up north in a quaint town.

The atmosphere was perfect, the colors, the chairs, and couches. There was a nook with a vintage couch and bookshelf with old books people bring in and donate. In the back was a man playing live acoustic guitaras he does every Sunday we were told. The people were friendly and attentive and I could not be more happier and in love with the place.

the gentlemen who comes every Sunday and plays

pics don't do it justice but the color scheme is beautiful and warm

back there is the nook! I'll be there A LOT!

It’s perfect cause after school I’ll parade to the gym and end my evenings here with my laptop, studies and writing. It’s wonderful cause it’s a small light in the tunnel. Many may think I’m crazy to find such satisfaction in a place such as a coffee shop but what you all must understand is that when I was in Kansas City, coffee shops were my refuge. They were my escape. The place I could be at peace to myself or even relaxed with a friend, write and feel inspiration, concentrate when it came to any and all types of studies. I truly if I had the means, would open up a coffee shop and have all the artistic amenities for it.

So here I am in Miami still. Life’s plan finds me here longer than I had anticipated; story of my life. I choose to try and make the best of it and look forward and not feel as if time is ticking by; or should I say life. I choose to believe there is a bigger reason on why I’m still here. I have chosen to go to school at a Paul Mitchell partner school because getting a degree in business as a back up plan is NOT my cup of tea, or coffee. I will find my way back to film and media! The performing arts resonates deep in veins and I am NOT giving up on finding the door that will lead me there. The path is obviously different than I had drawn out for myself but I should be well aware by now that whatever it is He (God) has planned NEVER turns out to be what you had planned or at least not HOW you had it all planned out.

For now, the small joy I find in having an authentic coffee shop available here in Miami, is a small light that brightens my room…

“Let’s step into this journey… up ahead”

Tip #543 If you wouldn’t do it in person, then don’t do it online. (Disney Channel)  😉


OK! Miami is in DESPERATE need of a Coffee House!


Booo!!! It’s 4:40am here in Miami, FL and thinking about the possibility of taking a stroll and finding myself at a quaint coffee shop to sit with my laptop and book FRUSTRATES me! WHY? Because as FABULOUS as everyone thinks Miami is, it’s boring! Everyone is caught up in the fast hype of the day and just want to drive thru the nearest cuban restaurant, grab a coffee and run.

Would people know what to do with a coffee house here,  sadly I think not! grrr!

excuse me while I let this out:

“MIAMI NEEDS A COFFEE HOUSE/SHOP!!!!!!” ::yes I actually said the “Slash” part… it’s ok, it flowed, its all about the passion in the declaration… anyway!

LOOK AT THIS GIRL… down there …..




I wish I were that girl! Look at that BIG coffee mug… hm! Look, she’s wearing a beanie, so where she’s at is nice and cool where you can actually enjoy drinking a SCOLDING CUP OF LAVA! with hints of amazing tantalizing flavors in your mouth! 😉 But NO! Not in Miami! You’d melt like that Witch of the West… or East… which ever was the bad one who melted! … ::clears throat:: anyway!




coffeePff! LOOK AT THAT GUY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> that one!

Enjoying his cozy atmosphere with what apparently seems like a YUMMY cup of goodness if he’s chugging that poor mug back like that!

I’m just saying… I want some of that goodness; I want to enjoy a cup of coffee that much, lol


Hey I am NOT knocking Starbucks. I LOVE Starbucks but atmosphere wise, it’s the Mickey D’s of coffee houses and in Florida the customer service from ghetto unprofessional 16 year old boys with grills who fight over who is going to take your order on the register out of laziness, doesn’t really give me much desire to sit and listen to the buffoons! I’m just saying!

display_martlet - coffee shopsAll I’m saying is someone with money and a vision… Please… for the LOVE of all that is Coffee!!!! HELP! … We in Miami are in DIRE need to experience the soothing relaxation of a rich rustic dark room with comfy couches and tables and chairs, with free wi-fi and amazing coffee! … O how a single tear drops my cheek as I hope for the day…


:: FYI:: Yes I am a DRAMA QUEEN! and love it so enjoy the melodrama of my terribly grammatical or grammati-less (lol) journalism of my life! 😉 (O and I tend to make up words! It’s my specialty! 😉

As we were! So yes, just pondering on the sad fact that I yearn for a cute quaint yummy place to read my book tomorrow…. that’s all… yea, I know it was a big whoo-haa to ramble on and on about coffee houses but figured, those who have experienced them, understand my pain! 471179~Coffee-Shop-Amsterdam-Netherlands-Posters

Alrighty then!

Over and Out! 😉