What is Love?


Mandi Mapes “Where You Are” from October Baby Soundtrack:

“have you ever seen true Love, do you know what it’s made of, or where it came from? Could it be that the world has left you blind and everyday you pass it by, you don’t even recognize it. Well I know where you are…”

What is love? Why do we crave it? What is it about “love” that pulls all your inside into indescribable, can hardly breathe knots? Are there many versions of “love”? Is it obsessive, aggressive, gentle, passive, complicated, dramatic, pensive, romantic?

When loneliness rears its aching head, is it love we desire to fill the spaces or will any illusion of love do?

What have we been taught, told about “love”?









Is it the right music track in the background under an enchanting night sky with gazing eyes that speak louder than words? Is it wrong song in the background, in broad daylight, with a storm up ahead, next to a garbage can with all the wrong words coming out and nervous eyes?

Is it truly different for everyone or deep down inside is the desire pointing towards the same basic scenario?

Why are we so willing to settle? I speak especially for women because well, one, I am one and two, I believe we think more about the details then men do. Apologies if that’s inaccurate and just a stereotype.

Is it that we don’t know we’re settling? Is it that all the examples we’ve encountered demonstrating this so called “love” thing has been poor miserable crash and burn crime scenes that have built cynicism like a clogged artery around our hearts?

Love which I speak of, yes is of the romantic kind but not only that but also all love. Family, friends, kindness from a stranger and then of course, the only one that never fails. The thing is I could tell you about that one but if you’ve never encountered Him personally then what I speak of would just be hot air you’d toss away as vain illusion of a life crutch. It’s sad but for most of you reading this, that may be the reality. I won’t get into that right now then. Perhaps in the end. Choose to ignore if you will…


Back to my rambling thought process…

Goodness-me music is powerful ladies and gentlemen. Put on the right playlist and writing inspirations and thoughts will flood out in all it’s emo glory! ::had to chuckle to self for that one::

What is it really that we want…when it comes to “love”? Why the “quotations”? Well, let’s face it….most of us don’t even know what Love really is? Not a clue! We have poor warped versions and ideals of it floating around our heads but none of them are reality. So I “quote” love and ask myself and wonder if we ask ourselves what our ideas of “love” are? Who taught us about Love?

Was it our parents beautiful or train wreck of a marriage? Was it the romantic comedies and dramas since childhood, O and especially adolescence? Was it the relationships of those around us; friends, peers, older cousins we looked up to? Was it the man who took advantage of you when you were too innocent to understand? (Serious and hard question but realistically these situations truly mark someone and their interactions with the opposite sex for the future till their free of the pain and anger.)

“all you need is love” sings the classic song of old and “what the world needs now, is love sweet love…” another classic sings through our radio systems. The world is obsessed with Love. Everyone is in constant search for it. It’s the “You’ve arrived” life achievement plate you proudly show off. Truly why do we do the actions and live out our lives the way we do? Even a self absorbed focused career man will get to the point where they say, “I’m ready for love now”.

So what’s the problem?

We don’t know what Love looks like? Or most importantly, where it came from..


Its our life ambition and yet we are running around blind with no clue…

It’s like a race in the woods. Your life depends on it! It’s all you’ve heard about, it’s all you’ve waited for, it’s all you’ve wanted. You are all scattered through out this endless patch of green, dirt and trees. Now some have gone out to find it on their own without being given the go. Some have chosen to just let it look like whatever they feel like for the moment just to instantly get some false glimpse of not feeling lonely

…so they sit and hug a squirrel…sounds ridiculous and funny huh? Yea well so are some of our sad attempts at fulfilling the God given desire for “love”
Others are given the go! It’s time….GO FIND IT!

Find what? … What does it look like? Is it this? That? Which one is right? Will it be blue, purple, red? Do I guess?

Some were created to wait for love to find them…(::cough cough Women! Cough::) while others were created with the assignment to find it and present itself worthy (::cough Men cough cough::)

So now what has happened? The roles for many have been reversed! The ones to run out and find it have become the ones to sit back and wait and the ones who are to wait for it to find them are running and doing a job they were never created to fulfill….so we’re all mixed up and contorted and lack understanding of our roles. When we think we have found it, it’s an all dramatic, chaotic, colliding into bloody messes, falling off the cliff, scratching your knee up through all the thorny branches tragedy.
We sit after all that trying to catch our breath while replaying the last year of our lives and think…”well….this wasnt what I wanted! This wasn’t how I imagined it…”

Now instead of getting back on track and heading back to our post in the woods of waiting or searching (pursuing) we now need this healing hiatus. We’re skeptical and wounded and have trust issues. We’ve messed it up for the next one…

This would be a fun short film to put together…hmmm….need camera equipment and a great editor ::pensive grin::

Does this rant have a conclusion of closure you may ask… ::sigh:: Here’s the thing…the answer to that, is so infinite and beyond our understanding while at the same time simple and accessible that I fear even attempting to define it for you, myself or anyone.

I have witnessed “love” of all sorts, ages, complications through out my short lifetime and beats me why I have been the one to be approached for advise or always the shoulder they run to specifically in these situations but since early teenage years, this has been so. (I grew up quicker than most and had older friends-probably cause I looked physically older as well…anyway….moving on)

I have set a standard in my life for what I know I am worth…here’s the thing. It’s not cause I’m so awesome per say but because I have a very jealous Papa who says I dont deserve anything less than everything He’s hoped for me. This finding love deal, actually finding it, making the choice to run with (insert opposite gender here) is something none of us should take lightly or (be honest with yourself…no ones looking) give up on. If Love is what we are all living for then I can tell you this…we were made for Love!

And though my next statement may erupt instant protest of the contrary due to personal experience, due to witnessed events and people, statistics, ect…this is the fact…

The club, the bar, the random hook up, the stranger from Facebook, or the stranger who caught your scarf when it flew away from your neck gliding through the wind and…pause…he caught it…brought it over and smiled, yea…that is not where and how you find real Love…not the “quotation” love…True Love…its not a movie. It cant happen, develop and conclude in 2 hours time of your life…

Until we deal with our issue and fears of Loneliness; having a person physically there will not solve your problem. Many know this. Having what seems like a reliable body every day near by (momentarily significant other) hasnt removed those still deep seeded feelings of Loneliness.

We cant give what we dont have…we cant project something we’ve never first encountered…

Before anyone else, my first Love that I learn from, work on daily, mess up, then good again, then great must be first from one Man.

He’s your God…calling your name…The only one who has demonstrated Love like no other. Has asked to only be Loved in return hence He literally gave His life and died for you. That’s how much He loves you. You think Romeo was romantic?! He was a bratty teenager who wanted to get his way. Killing himself for Juliet was not cute or romantic.

Jesus…humbled Himself by becoming that which He created from dust and was innocently murdered, endured it cause He was determined to end the separation between you and Him…God. He fights for you then, now, always…He is the most patient of men. He is kind and slow to anger. Its not in Him to be other wise. He’s strong and heroic. He loves passionately and is zealous for the one He loves…which is you! He always says exactly what you need to hear at any moment.

My struggles, my failures in life, my screw ups, my past in a moment are all lifted away, gone…the pain, the reminders…all gone. He did that. He didnt have to. He wanted to. And I did and do nothing to ever deserve it. Who would do that!? And everyday is a new adventure of falling in Love…true love. The sacrificial kind that chooses to love no matter the cost!

Until I let Him take care of all my Loneliness of old, I can not move forward and give my mind, heart to any other…no matter how wonderful.

See, we were made for Love…but its not the kind we’ve been told about. Its so much more than we could have ever imagined or experienced before.

When a man and a woman have found first such a Love that has taken away all regrets, all pain, anger, sorrow of the past, all disillusion, all negative demeaning thoughts, all confusion and doubts, that up and walk away; they find each other in that state and the Love they can now experience is one for the books! Is real love…The kind that emulates the One we were made for…Imagine how magnificent of a Love that would be…two people would then be ready for forever.

First Jesus…then we would know how to give something that we now have and have seen…

Mandi Mapes “Where You Are” from October Baby Soundtrack:

“have you ever seen true Love, do you know what it’s made of, or where it came from? Could it be that the world has left you blind and everyday you pass it by, you don’t even recognize it. Well I know where you are & I see where you’re coming from, I’ve been there myself put my faith in a man-made God, I know where you are…and I know that Jesus paid it all, it is well with my soul! And when the waters rise and stars fall from the skies, I will not be alone…”


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