This Months Ventures!

Out of the Box and familiar Comforts…

Circuit Riders…what’s a Circuit Rider?

“In 1703 a hero was born and because of this man the world would never be the same. From the time that John Wesley’s heart would be “strangely warmed” to his dying day, he never stopped his tireless work of revival and reformation! Out of his heart was birthed a movement called the Methodist revival, and this move of encountering God, deep devotion through the spiritual disciplines, and great exploits among the poor and the lost would explode in the western world leaving an indelible mark.

The Lord directed us to this piece of history and the stories of these men to inspire us to start the School of the Circuit Rider…The Lord began to speak to us about His desire to release wide-eyed revivalists again who would carry the message of the simple Gospel to the nations of the earth. Out of our study and ongoing guidance from God, the School of the Circuit Rider was birthed in July of 2011”.

Orlando is the first 2012 School of the Circuit Riders 2 week training. There are 6 locations worldwide in total. I have been in Orlando attending the training for a week now. Today was our day off and tomorrow bright and early we venture off back to our crazy action-packed schedule. This whole process has been difficult, amazing, provoking, freeing, crazy, nerve-wrecking, great, tiresome, and wonderful all at the same time. And as I mentioned earlier, that’s just week one! We still have a full week to go!

It’s been enlightening to understand I am not an Evangelist and how that’s okay. What is not okay is that I never speak to anyone about Jesus. Not all are Evangelists but Jesus commanded us all to spread the good news about what He did for every living human being who He breathed life into. (Mark 16:15) There was a line in the Culture of Revival book we received yesterday as part of our curriculum:

“When we realize that sin is only robbing us of all that Jesus died for, then we begin to step into joyful repentance.”

The part that caught my attention was, “…only robbing us of all that Jesus died for…” He didn’t do this for nothing! We are squandering our lives and almost spitting on why He died and what He did which was He did so we wouldn’t have to live fighting darkness, sin, lies and death any longer. Granted, we are but dust, we’re broken, weak human beings which surprises us more than it does the all knowing Creator of all creation so He loves us through the process and has patience with us, guiding us to Forever.

This past week has been giving me clearer perspective that I need to see people with His eyes more. I need to feel the ache that things are not okay, which I do but my heart first goes to the Church, body of Christ, the Bride and aches for her as lost. The beauty of the body is that we each have our mandates and functions that in the end create a Body and come together for the ultimate goal-a people fully in love, living for eternity and bringing glory to God till He returns and forever.

With all that said, I know and ask Him to give me His eyes and heart to approach those who don’t know that He made the greatest sacrifice for Love! Their love!

“There is no God like our God who humbled Himself” -Stuart Greaves

He humbled Himself…God, a King of all kings came and not only became His creation but came as a lowly one purposely. Innocent and Righteous He died a criminals death before the eyes of thousands. Why? Why would anyone much less GOD do such a thing? …for love! And He hasnt stopped or given up chasing after His bride, His creation no matter how many years and generations she has spat back at His face and ran away from Him…

wow…that actually aches my heart thinking of it like this…but it’s true.

So here I am getting to know Him more and more each day. Trying to love Him more and more each day in my weak broken messed up way and knowing this about Him; that He never relents from being patient and kind and chasing after me with eyes of Love, why do I choose to keep this to myself?

So many excuses come to mind… ::sigh:: First of all, for all who think I write and explain myself well, this is due to the fact that I am writing my emotions. They never come out this; put together-verbally in person. I am a verbal processor so rambling jumbled up emotions are what spew out of me.

What else? Well…I guess I care too much what strangers might think or how they’ll react which is ridiculous.

Thats been another awesome thing about this training and journey, understanding the power of believing and speaking out loud. The power of words. All my fears, hesitations, and chains locked at my feet can all just disappear if I just tell them to get out!

Believing it and saying it! Done!

No drawn out process. No expensive scheduled related topic conference. Now sometimes, process does happen and conferences are needed but it was more of a demystifying of this reality that took place in my mind this week about inner healing and deliverance. It doesnt need to be this long drawn out, fighting with the manifested demon in a person event. It can be as easy, as boldly, knowing by faith, as declaring something specific out loud to Go! Done! And receiving His forgiveness after repenting from it; turning away from it, telling it to Go and replacing this past issue that tormented once with Truth!

What Circuit Riders call the 4 R’s.

Repent. Receive. Rebuke. Replace.

What I do miss is the Prayer Room. This week has been amazing but my heart is missing just sitting long hours at His feet. I will return there again soon enough. Until then, I’ll steal every moment I can with Him!

Want to know more about Circuit Riders? Check it out at and on Facebook for pictures from this week at YWAM Orlando

That’s my quick update!

Jesus is a real Man who is also GOD! He is alive because He rose from the dead after three days of His death. He is king forever and will return to the earth to make all the wrong things right! Will you choose to know this Man? He loves you with all His heart, all His mind, all His strength even if you dont love or know Him yet cause He made you with His hands and chose you!

Dont live in loneliness and emptiness anymore. Turn from all the things that He says will only hurt you in the end and tell Him you choose Him too!

Jesus encounter every readers heart and fill it with Truth about Your love that never fails! Amen!

You could say:

“Jesus. I choose you too! I believe You came and died for my sins which separated me from God. I believe that you rose from the dead after 3 days and took power over Death forever. I repent or turn away from all the bad things that dont satisfy at the end of the day. They only leave me empty hence I need more again. I turn away and repent from all my sins. I receive Your forgiveness and salvation from death! I am now Your child forever. Thank You for choosing me, for loving me, for saving me. Im free and will now know true love and happiness forever that is only found in You Jesus! Amen!”

Welcome to the family! 😉


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I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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