the Blackout

::cue in sarcasm::  “Fabulous…”

“Oh what a night!” It’s been an interesting day. It was DEFINITELY a “Manic Monday“. My friend Vany-Chan (as I and many others have called her) decided to start our new “On our way to good health” routine and start walking. After a stressful, tired, and grumpy day, walking was quite brilliantly the best idea of the day. We found this spot and area that is just perfect and after over an hour, I felt invigorated…soar but invigorated and at peace again.

The ugly one eyed monster went back into it’s little cave and shut up

After such a great walk and workout I was excited to run home, take a nice warm shower and watch “Dancing with the Stars”. HUSH! Dont judge me ::smirk::

As I’m driving down the road that leads home, I notice the street lights ahead of me just shut off. Now this didnt strike at first as weird cause I’ve noticed many times in the past how street lights at night, when passed by cars would turn off.

This always seemed ridiculous to me cause arent we needing the street lights at night to be ON when people pass by with their cars…not OFF!

So pretty much thought this was one of those times…till I reached the street “red light, green light” light. There were no red light green light street lights. Further down I saw the pitch darkness of night ahead of me.

I entered my complex and just knew…we had NO ELECTRICITY.


So I get home, light up some candles, gather with my bro in the living room and wait…

We were NOT happy, especially since this seems to be a most common

occurrence in this neighborhood. In the daytime, these regular occurrences were not that irritating. At night this was NOT something I was looking forward to as I’m getting home after a workout,  excited for my warm relaxing shower and Dancing with the Stars.

So I decided, “Hm…we’re stuck here. We at least have candle light, why not take advantage and read a book.

So I find my Jane Austen novel by candle light; almost felt as though I were in the Elizabethan era of the early 1800’s which I’ve always secretly have wished to live.




I’m inspired and love the idea of looking like this guy on the LEFT. I begin reading, tweet a little about it (so 1800’s of course) then the Eureka moment comes to me…

I look over at my brother and the poor guy is leaned back on the recliner board. We both have nothing to speak about and I’m contemplating my options here. Continue taking advantage of this rare peaceful opportunity or seize the thought in mind…


I look over at my brother and say, “Hey! Get your laptop, we’re going Starbucks!”

O how glorious, Electricity AND Internet. How sad is our generation! I didn’t last 20 minutes before I realized a more modernized experience in my impatience.

So how typical but here we are, glad for Starbucks internet and entertaining myself with a blog in the midst of this Blackout…well neighborhood blackout.

Well boys and girls, that’s my sad tale of giving in to modern comforts but Oh well. Hope you all are comfortable at home with all your modern comforts. Enjoy and good night!


About hopesreadywriter

I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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