Is it just the Culture or the true LOVE of it?

Here’s the thing…

Musicians, artistic musically inclined people almost have this obsession with music. They’re obsessed with the history and the greats, the “founders”, the inspiration-led-followers generation after generation. It’s almost a society you have to prove to be worthy enough to be a part of.

It’s interesting cause most of my life, I have been passionate about so many things, almost all things Art. (especially performing arts)

I’ve had a passion and I’ve always have been able to appreciate the little elements that put together these moments of Art.

My family life and hometown was Not a big Art city where authentic indie grunge creatives who could name U2’s inspiration in Ireland that lead to the inspiration of the Killers reaching for their first guitars. This was NOT the common crowd here so any friends I had, wouldnt inspire the actor in me either. Those who quote Broadways finest who guided classic play-makers reciting ingeniously written monologues today still used and taught by Theory junkies.

So with a love most couldn’t relate to and with wandering questions about who I was, I cruised along with everyone else. Where ever I could get expression out, I took it.

For years, I never fully felt as though I fit within even the departments I loved passionately (performing arts). There was something about all of them individually that came some what naturally to me. I wasn’t amazing in either of them but good enough to keep being apart of them, hoping to find my way.

No matter how passionate I was though, lack of stereotype and knowledge kept me officially outside these separate “society’s” walls.

“Have you seen this? Do you know <so and so>? Do you like this band? Do you know what this is?”

To the indie/musician “true” rocker, these questions were like air and knowing how to breathe it. Common sense told them, if you know who these bands/musicians/singers were THEN you were really what you professed. Someone who loves music.

Same goes with actors and film makers. Same questions and same response of acceptance or rejection depending on whether you answered with stereotypical familiarity or not. Black and White. Period.

I always answered insecurely, trying to find my way around it, pretending to recall who they speak of but inside drawing a complete logical blank since truth is truth… I had NO idea who they were talking about.

Should this means though I cant recognize talent? Should this mean I cant appreciate a harmony, a certain string included not typically in a certain genre? Should this mean I can not be inspired by a certain actor’s approach to a role and moment well written? How the Director chose to break up the shots in that scene or the Director of Photography created beautiful coloring and almost an antique Polaroid feel to the video footage taken by the character in the film?

Recently I have had the opportunity to unite with some wonderful musicians/singer/songwriters and for me my inspiration doesnt always have to come from something done i,e. rock legends of past, ect…

Do I not take into account the revolution in musical history they have made or the genuine greatness in their sound and vocal approach? Of course I do… If I love let’s say music, then I can hear/see and recognize greatness whether at the end of the day it’s my choice of track to be added to my playlist or movie collection…

I was listening to something today and during and at the end of the song I felt something. Inside I knew beauty resonated from what I had just heard. Was it sung or played by one of the “greats” -No.

But I recognized it, inside gave credit where credit was due even if it didnt look like what supposedly it should look like in order to even be considered “Good”

I think as musicians, filmmakers, actors, ect… We have become so obsessed with the culture and history behind Art. Needing to know it, eat it, drink it in order to even have the audacity to sit, associate, collaborate with these other like minded Artisit.

Voices of the masses say:

“How can you dare consider making music in the genre of Rock without knowing <so and so> the band <so and so> knowing how to play <so and so> song because clearly it’s a classic and amazing logistics in the world of music and rock? ”

How about because I love music. When I hear it, it moves me, whether it’s by a “great” or not.

We have forgotten to feel, recognize, see. We have forgotten to just sit back and appreciate the elements, the moments you find in certain/all things Art and taking it with you inside wanting to share it letting loved ones experience even if just a moment what you felt during/after that performance.

It’s almost as it you need to become a Snob in that certain field of Art (music, film, ect…) to be worthy to pursue it, consider it, speak of it, be in it.

So what’s my point? stance? conclusion to all this?

I’m not going to apologize any longer for my passions and how I have gone about them/pursuing them. I do not need to prove to you or anyone what I can or can not do by what my answer to your stereotypical question will be.

I love what I love and will not feel less able to do it. You think “Flo-Jo” is better cause they know what and who you know. Honors, follows, re-creates and knows, recognizes the same “geniuses” you do? It’s ok, you can go with them. It’s true they might be better. I’m still here, I’m still willing and if the these cards are meant for me at any point in time, I’ll get there even if I cant do it with you.

I love what I love and will not defend it.

In the end I know there is something bigger than me, there’s something bigger going on, and in the end if I do my part, I know He’ll do His.

Appreciate, recognize and don’t be confined. Dont be a film or musician snob. There’s the basics, theres foundation.

Now why not take that and run with it. You’ve got what you need, dare to be different and create something new. Make something your own even if it was something inspired, already done as long as its ALL you in it and not just a desperate attempt to be the next (insert classic idol here).

Enough said on that… Goodnight and creative dreams to you all.

Tip# 158   Who says it’s too late to pick something new up or continue it? Those little things that are your big things that bring you to life are not worth compromising for All the love of man (people) Love it! Dont apologize for it! Dont defend it…why? Cause it’s yours! ::wink::


About hopesreadywriter

I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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  1. I just wanted to say how inspired I was by this blog. As a writer myself, I often find myself in environments similar to those you described here. Where I “should know” so and so and am judged for having an opinion that is “honest” or “outside the box.” On a much more personal level, I’m writing a musical right now that deals with the subject of divorce. On the surface, maybe not your typical “song and dance” musical. But that doesn’t make it any less worth telling. And I look forward to living and working in a creative world where I tell people what my show is about and they don’t judge it right off the bat as being a “downer.” To each his own valued and individual opinion of the arts. Cheers.

    • hopesreadywriter

      I feel honored that my random thought gave you inspiration to be who you are, love what you love and not need to apologize for it or for your art not “looking” the way others assume it should. Especially when it comes to the arts, persevere and reach for it! In the end what makes people creative or artistic is something in them they were born to love, NOT the “legends” or knowledge they know of it! In the end we all have a story to tell and have different ways of showing it. Aren’t all the artsy people complaining all the time that unique diversity in Art is lacking? Maybe if they stopped trying to replicate what they admire so much and has already been done, we can get something new out there. ::wink:: Bests to you on your journey!

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