Dear John the Movie…

Quick Post here. I forgot to tell ya’ll about my thoughts on Dear John the movie.

As some may have read, I was beyond excited to have bought the book to read before the movie came out.

The book  was a story beautifully told. Here is this troubled young man who ran to the army to do something with his life. On leave he came back home after much time had past and fate found him at the same peer as her. She was young, innocent, confident of who she was and determined to be, no apologies.

She saw something in John. What most people would wave off and judge, she embraced and nurtured, challenged, loved. He couldn’t understand why he was so intrigued, but she was different than any other girl he’d met, been with-and he’d definitely been around…A Lot.

By chapter 10, their friendship, interest, relationship blossomed and they shared their first kiss.

The story develops and in the end pulled heart strings but with enough closure to appreciate a well told story.

NOW, The Movie! ::raised eyebrow::

That was a HUGE disappointment. I was so “enraged” I wanted to Tweet the screenplay writer and demand answers ::chuckle:: but that would not have been very nice so I didn’t…but I wanted to!  ::trying to sound serious::

I went into this with high expectations; mistake number 1.

I read the book before watching the movie…mistake number 2?

Some say “yes” but the reason I beg to differ is because years before “The Notebook” the movie was conceived, heard of, I had read the book. I LOVED it. That story stayed with me. Then years later to my surprise, they made it into a movie and I was beyond pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The characters I pictured in my head were perfectly cast. The story flowed and in two hours gave sufficient detail to keep you engaged and loving, crying, laughing along. They took Nicholas Spark’s story and beautifully adapted it to film.

Dear John…well for one, 10 minutes into the movie they were already in Chapter 10 of the book. They rushed the beginning, they rushed their romance, they rushed 7 years of events.

They never developed the characters. You didn’t even get the opportunity to fall in love with the characters. You weren’t invested in who they were and what they were feeling, going through.It was like watching flashback snap shots of 6 to 7 years of memories.

To add to injury, they BOTCHED! the story completely. Changed vital details, omitted important characteristics, it was just all around sad, bad and disappointing.

Then the icing on the cake…the ending…they left you confused and without any closure.

If you haven’t seen it and you want to, BEWARE: SPOILER coming below… (stop reading here if you dont want to know the ending cause I’m about to compare both)

In the book, they didn’t end up together but the build up to the end still gave you clarity and closure. Whether it ended how you wanted it to or not, it was well written.

In the movie, they kill off her husband (not in the book) which in the end, if that’s what you wanted, fine! But then all you see is that clearly time had passed, she’s in a coffee shop, he rides in on a bike, then stops and starts chaining his bike, when he all of a sudden looks over. They see each other, pause and smile. The end… you don’t even know if it was a planned meeting or a coincidence in the future. It’s just awkward.

Even the teeny bopper teens in the theater vocally were confused and upset. “That’s it! That’s how it ends” they said.

It was so sad and disappointing cause Nicholas Sparks is an amazing story teller, and especially on the subject of love. They have done great jobs at retelling his novels for film but this truly seemed like someone wanted this movie out last minute with the quickness (since “The Last Song” is also due out just a month apart) so someone rushed a script together and they filmed it…

So yea…this was suppose to be short but once I started, I got passionate ::grins::

I’d recommend reading it, NOT watching it. Alright then, that’s my assessment of that. Enjoy your night bloggers!

tip # 436 True love can’t be captured in a written two hour flick…don’t base yours on them.    ::tips hat; turns and disappears into the evening fog::


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I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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