Beauty School Drop-out? NO WAY! I start on MONDAY!


So excited! So I have had let’s just say quite an adventure trying to figure out other than the Arts (film, acting, theatre, music, singing, writing, ect) what can I study? My mom only recently seemed worried that I didn’t have a ” fall back” plan… My friend is doing nursing and then studying film. My Mom in the car one night was like, “Yea, see why don’t you do something like that.”

Here’s the thing. My mom has business woman streaming through her veins! She can sell SAND in the Desert! I on the other hand came out N O T H I N G like her when it comes to that area. So it has been somewhat difficult finding out what in the world wouldn’t bore me to tears as I enter a cubical dungeon, same time, same days every day, with each day leaving my bland wall space with deep nail streak slashes on the cubical confined walls of mundane HORROR!!

Nooooot much of a corporate business world gal. Did it out of financial need after high school for 4 to 5 years. Miserable. All I will say. So I attempted to chase my dreams. Then the Lord led me to go to IHOP…no, not the pancake house but the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. Spent 3 years there after an internship and just recently returned home. So yea, point of story- sorry went into back story there for a sec… =)

So, one day it just hit me… I have always loved makeup, hair, I used to do nails, my own and on birthdays and Christmas- give me makeup, I am never unsatisfied.

So huh! Why not study to be a Makeup Artist?

So I researched, requested information and a week later! I start Beauty School! on Monday!!! Sweetness!!!! πŸ˜€

MAC Cosmetics Colour Ready CollectionYea too excited! This can translate to so many different opportunities! And it all for sure translates in to the Arts! So finally, I’m going to school for something I like! O how I want to finally be someone with a not just a voice against making a Bride look like she has a discolored skin disease due to her makeup artist who made her face WHITE while the rest of her strapless dress shoulders and neck look TAN!

Anything wrong with this picture? white faced bride

Yea! Soooo do NOT want to be that person, Bride nor makeup artisit! Anyhoo!

Now, I can have a voice and the talent to say, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YA DOING!? That is ALL wrong! Here, let me show you!”Β  πŸ˜‰



I’m going to Beauty School and I dont plan to be a drop out….hmm… neither did Frenchy but, OΒ  Well…. I actually mean it cause I dont want to pay loans for nothing! =D

Eat a Banana, get some potassium … over and out! πŸ˜‰


About hopesreadywriter

I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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  1. Oh my gosh! so jealous! I am looking into a makeup school, too! Hopefully I will be able to do it. I guess it’s never too late to try something new! =)

    Where are you going?

    • hopesreadywriter

      Definitely NOT too late! I was loosing hope a bit I must say but when somethings meant to work out, the chips will align in due time perfectly! πŸ˜‰ I’m going to Beauty Schools of America in South Florida. They have a gorgeous campus, the one I’m going to. I hear they’re all beautiful though. I went today iffy cause Miami can be known to have “Hispanic ghetto” (I’m Hispanic, so I speak knowing, lol) facilities, buildings, companies, so I was holding my breathe, and then I walked in and exhaled! It was beautiful high end, professional campus and location! ^_^ I believe they are still expanded and only located in Florida! Good luck! I hope you find one and get in!!!! =D HOPE! πŸ˜‰

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