I miss Autumn

Autumn in the Bottom

O how I miss the Autumn days in KC… Honestly, I’d love Autumn anywhere. The crisp dry cool air, the smell of burnt leaves and wood as you drive with your window down… down a corridor of gorgeous trees filled with dancing leaves in Orange, Rustic Red and Brown, Yellow! People always asked me in KC, “Why are you here? You lived in Miami!” When Miami is all you’ve known, humid, sticky Summer all year long weather, even on Christmas-gets old REAL fast!

Just reminiscing through some old pictures and realized how much I with all my heart miss the season of Autumn!


About hopesreadywriter

I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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  1. Love this pic! Autumn is my favorite time of year and your picture is perfect. 🙂

    • hopesreadywriter

      Thank you!!!! Mine too but I have missed it completely this year (single tear) I wait to hopefully be reunited with beautiful autumn next year! 😉 thanks for the comment!!! =)

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