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So being back in Miami where it is Summer all year long, makes you think about all the half nakedness running around, EVERYWHERE, not just the beach sad enough.


So here’s what I am wondering for all the God fearing people. If you’re not God fearing than what I’m about to say is probably going to sound ridiculous to you and in the end, this is my thought and logic and my own understanding, doesn’t need to be yours, but I’m curious…

Would you (ladies.. because men, this wouldn’t really apply to you but probably good for you to read either way) so again; Would you wear your bra and underwear around groups of complete strangers???

Think hard… it seems like an obvious answer but take a second to think… Would you wear your bra and underwear in front of groups of strangers outdoors? ……. what if you were by water? ….

For me, even if I had the world’s concept of a “perfect” body, I personally would never wear my bra and underwear in front of groups of strangers outdoors. I think it is completely inappropriate and this world is struggling with sin and sexual immorality so heavily (and I’m just taking about the church here, cause we all know the world is but don’t care or even look at it as a struggle, it’s normal of course; they would say)

This is my opinion… So you ask, Desiree, is there a point to this?

My point is now whether or not again, even if I had the world’s concept of a “perfect body” would I wear a Bikini to the beach…

See to me, if I would not wear my bra and underwear for more than one reason in front a stranger, groups of strangers outdoors, why would I wear a bikini?

Is it cause I’m next to water?

That seems to make everything ok. Hey if I’m outside, next to water, the rules change, and I can wear my bra and underwear made of stronger water resistant material in front of groups of strangers who struggle with Lust… male and female

Woman’s swimsuits in the 1800’s … that funny enough this was a large revealing step in woman’s swimsuits from what they used to look like, earlier on…
So here’s the thing I find interesting, back in the days it was inappropriate for woman to show off their bodies to anyone else but their husbands. Imagine that?


But Desiree times have changed and that’s just old fashion thinking…

Ok … but see, the world has changed from having Morals, the world has changed from Chivalry being normal, the world has changed from being married to one man all your life and that being normal; the world has changed where Not being a virgin before marriage was a scandal that made you a fallen member of the family who disgraced the families name… harsh? Well that’s how often that didn’t happen back in the days, where now, pre-teens in Middle School are mocked and scoffed at for being a virgin at 11 years old…

The world IS changing and I do not want to keep changing with it. 10 years ago Bikini’s were not nearly as provocative as now. Now the Brazilian style has reached it’s peak where nothing (jeans, underwear, bikini bottoms) is made without a Brazilian (meaning Low Rise Hip fitting) format to it automatically. There is practically NOTHING left to the imagination anymore. And we wonder why LUST and Sexual Immorality is worse than ever… or at least worst since Sodom and Gomorrah or the “golden days” of the Roman (Trojan) Empire.

Funny enough even men didn’t wear their underwear in public. They had more “modest” swimwear as well.
So many struggle with Lust (actually, I’m sorry, EVERYONE struggles with Lust) that I chose not to partake in it and go with the flow and changes of this world… cause it’s only going to get worse…


Look at history… the more provocative and the more liberal minded the things of this world, the fashion of this world got, the worse society has morally declined throughout the decades…

This world has NEVER not had Lust and sin, but when I was in middle school, those who had sex were the rarity not the “rule”. Being a virgin was something common and proud. It’s digressing year by year at such a fast rate now that I don’t even want to know what 5 more years hold.

**Pictures one and two are what bathing suits looked like. Out of respect to the men reading this I will not post in comparison the swimsuits of today**

Food for thought! In Sunshine filled states and countries surrounded by gorgeous oceans even to Christians choosing not to wear a bikini may seem prudish, or religious, or ridiculous minded… But I think people have seriously considered them to not be in association with underwear only because the material is different and you’re by a body of water. As it is bikini’s these days are even MORE revealing than most people’s intimates! So why is it not ok and almost would seem awkward if someone wore their bra and underwear in front of people at general store in public, but if someone walked in with their bikini, you’d think for a second, huh, I guess they’re off to the beach and then forget it without a second thought in question? I mean, does it not seem of how we have separated the two as it we were talking about socks and pants… food for thought!

Thanks for reading! ^_^ Just wanted to share


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I am a dreamer, a seeker of hope, I find magic, beauty & fear in the night sky and long to dance in the sunlight. Life has not been easy but most would never know cause I hide my heart & tears well. So here I am, wishing to release, discover, mend & find but only writing helps release the voice within that fools herself into believing, "she'll get through these things alone..." Here's pieces of me for my own release...

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